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Rob Bondurant

Local singer/songwriter Rob Bondurant

In this issue of’s Featured Artist Spotlight, we are showcasing singer/songwriter Rob Bondurant. Rob was born and raised in sunny San Diego and developed a love for music at a young age. Rob has been a mainstay in the local music scene in San Diego for some time and is one of the more talented artists on the scene today. In 2012, his talents earned Rob a San Diego Music Award nomination for “Best Acoustic Artist,” establishing Rob as one of the premier artists on the music scene in San Diego today.

Rob’s sound combines a delicate yet empowering vocal presentation paired with a creative and well rounded mix of acoustic and electric melodies. The influences and roots of Rob’s sound can be identified easily and his music is unique yet still easy to relate to. He has done a great job of finding his sound and writing music that caters to both his talents as an artist and the ears of the listener.

To date, Rob Bondurant has released an EP, ‘Still Standing,’ and in 2012 released his first full-length album, ‘Through My Hands.’ You can read more about ‘Through My Hands’ in our featured album section below. Rob has already carved out a solid toe hole in the local scene, but he is still looking for more. He is currently in songwriting mode and is looking to take things to the next level in 2013. Read on to find out exactly what Rob has planned.

Name: Rob Bondurant
Indie | Rock | Singer-Songwriter
Musical influences:
John Mayer | Dave Matthews | Kings Of Leon | Black Crowes | Stevie Ray Vaughn | The Police | Bob Marley

Rob Bondurant - Still Standing





Sound Cloud:

Walk us through a day in the life of you:

“These days, my mornings start on the computer for a couple hours of emailing, networking, listening, watching, and learning. For my guitar workout, I spend an hour or two with my Pandora on and practice along with whatever it throws at me. My evening usually consist of me playing a gig at a restaurant, bar, venue, wedding, etc. I have been making a living playing as a hired music entertainer for the last couple years and have logged a ton of hours behind a mic and in front of people. The experience has been great and it keeps me fresh on the vocals and performance side so when it does come time to perform the music I write, I really get to put my heart and soul into it. I’m proud to say that these last couple years of playing bars, restaurants, and private parties, has led to an opportunity for me to focus on my music career as an Artist. Its a bittersweet end to the bar gigs, however, I’ve met some really awesome and supportive people along the way and the overall experience has been amazing! I have a lot of exciting new projects I am currently working on and I look forward to sharing them with all my fans!”

When did you start playing music and why do you keep playing?

“The first memory I have of seeing a band live was when I was a little kid, maybe 4, and I was completely mesmerized by the guitar player. I wanted one so bad and I remember how excited I was when he let me strum it. Over the years growing up, my hobbies were all over the place from Michael Jackson, to break dancing, to street magic, to having my own show on Animal Planet where I explore the world of reptiles. One thing was for sure, I loved to be on stage and performing.

It wasn’t until Sophmore year of HS that I picked up the guitar, had my stepfather show me some chords, and just like that, I was that 4 yr old little kid again…obsessed! I actually didn’t even listen to rock at the time I was learning guitar because I was still in my hip hop phase and that was all I listened to. I slowly started discovering artists I liked and basically followed them and their influences which led me into a world full of rock n’ roll.

Walk us through Rob Bondurant’s songwriting process:

“As far as songwriting goes, the wheels are always turning in that department and it holds priority over everything. If there’s a melody, lyric, or progression that comes to mind, I stop whatever I am doing and write it down or record it in my voice memo’s on my phone.”

Who holds the title for the best live performance you have ever experienced?

“I used to work at the House Of Blues in Dallas TX for a couple years and at the time it was the biggest club venue in the nation with a capacity close to 2,000. Every shift meant seeing another live concert by either a big name or small act. I’ve seen hundreds!

As for the BEST performance….I have a few that I would say are up there:
1.) Dave Matthews Band at Cricket Amphitheater (pit tix)
2.) MuteMath at 4th and B
3.) Buddy Guy at HOB Dallas. In part of his show, he had security form a circle around him while he walked through the crowd in the middle of a song, put his guitar on the bar top that I was working at, and take a shot of wine. 70yrs old and still a badass!”

What are your desert island discs?

1.) Continuum | John Mayer (This album is what started my growth as a guitar player and songwriter)
2.) Legend | Bob Marley

What’s next for Rob Bondaurant as a musician?

“So far in this journey, I have released an EP, a fully produced album, learned to make a living playing gigs, and have logged hundreds of hours of performance time. The next big step for me is an EP that I am going to be starting in the next month or two. It will showcase my growth as a singer, songwriter, musician, and performer. It will also be my first real attempt at releasing singles with a full fledged marketing campaign behind every song! The goal is to record and release my next project in a way that puts me in another level of the music industry. Good bye bar and restaurant gigs! Goodbye wedding gigs! Hello touring, big name acts, collaborations, TV/Film placement, t-shirts, autographs, big stages, and most importantly….FANS!!”

When: Friday, August 16th – 9PM
Where: 710 Beach Club
What: Three bands are all taking the stage in PB for a Friday night show at 710, this is gonna be a good one.

James Dean will start out the night at 9:30pm
Rob Bondurant and his band will take the stage at 10:30pm
The Broken Stems will close out the night starting at 11:30pm

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Album: Through My Hands
Artist: Rob Bondurant
Where to Purchase: CD Baby | iTunes | Rhapsody | Amazon

Track Listing:

  1. 9 to 5 (iTunes | Amazon)Debut Album from Rob Bondurant
  2. Breathe (iTunes | Amazon)
  3. Right Behind (iTunes | Amazon)
  4. Wonderland (iTunes | Amazon)
  5. The Waiting (iTunes | Amazon)
  6. City Lights (iTunes | Amazon)
  7. Crossing Lines (iTunes | Amazon)
  8. Mountains (iTunes | Amazon)
  9. Sleepless Nights (iTunes | Amazon)
  10. Light In The Dark (iTunes | Amazon)
  11. Not Alone (iTunes | Amazon)
  12. Rocket Man (iTunes | Amazon)
  13. Through My Hands (iTunes | Amazon)

With Rob’s first full length album ‘Through My Hands,’ you get a full showcase of Rob Bondurant as the songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. The album features a great mix of pop, rock and blues, and while his sound has its own unique flavor, Rob is never far from his roots in his styling’s and sounds. The album does a great job of creating a defined sound for Rob and there is an undeniable cohesiveness throughout the tracks on the album. From the sultry guitar lines on tracks like “Breathe” to off-time beat behind the head-bobbing riff on “City Lights,” the album has plenty to offer in keeping the listener interested.

One of the first things you notice while listening to Through My Hands’ is Rob’s creativity with a guitar in his hands. The “singer/songwriter” title can be limiting and frankly sometimes boring. Songwriting is no easy task, and doing it in a way that doesn’t bore the listener requires a number of variables. One of the things that keeps the listeners interest is Rob’s creative riff structures. Rob has cited Dave Matthews and John Mayer as two of his biggest influences and you can certainly hear the influence in his guitar work. Not bad choices to draw upon for influence and inspiration.

While ‘Through My Hands’ certainly goes a long way toward defining a sound for Rob as an artist, there is enough variety for the listener to avoid any sense of complacency in Rob as songwriter. Take for instance the track “Crossing Lines.” The song delivers a back beat driven acoustic track complete with great multi-layered guitar tracking. The song features a different feel from some of the others on the album, but is never far from that sound Rob has defined as an artist.

Some of the other stand-out tracks on the album are “Light In The Dark” which features a great bridge section with a soaring guitar solo backing a chant style vocal. “Rocket Man” is another track that sticks out. The track is a great showcase of Rob’s ability to stay true to his roots and keep firmly grounded in a consistent sound while keeping the sound intriguing for the listener.

‘Through My Hands’ is a great showcase of the talent that Rob Bondurant has used to carve himself into the local scene in San Diego. You can get a full appreciation of Rob’s passion for songwriting and as well as the talent he possesses as a musician. And while talent is enough to write a song, a love for the art is necessary to keep the listeners listening. His love for the art is transparent and for that I will keep listening.

-Kyle Pflueger
Featured Writer